Are there VIP slots / Pay-to-win Perks?

No. The slot reservation is not activated. You can join anytime, if a slot is free. Also no “pay-to-win” perks.

Can I swap to the other team anytime?

You can switch teams, if they have less players. There is no swapme command.

I want to have a specific plugin on this server!

Totally understandable. But 🙂 –> Not everything someone wants, is highly appreciated by others. Well, if you are skilled in C++ development and know how to check, fix and maintain the sourcecode, I would be pleased to have you on board!

Are you trying to compete with other TF2 servers?

No. We have seen multiple times that there is a demand for a server, providing vanilla gameplay, reasonable and responsive admins, low ping, lots of good payload maps, in the European Union.

Map Voting (nominate, rtv)

See here:


You cannot see sprays?

Make sure, your config.cfg contains these settings:

r_spray_lifetime 99999
r_decals 200
mp_decals 200
r_decal_cullsize 1
r_decalstaticprops 1
r_drawmodeldecals 1
r_drawbatchdecals 1

Got disconnected, because of missing map

Should you get disconnected because you have another version on your computer, simply either delete or rename that file. They can be found exactly in either location:
steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps
or here
steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps

You don´t have to quit the game while doing this. Once you´re done with deleting the file(s), you can rejoin!

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